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Thoughts of a taciturn


  • This Just In

    Breaking News Man Shoots Himself in the foot…Again! As I continue researching for my script, I thought I would share a recurring personal theme in my life. I make an astounding number of mistakes in my daily pursuits. So many that I have come to see it as potentially either self sabotage or that I […]


  • No One Tells

    She stepped into the vacant room. It was no easy task, the coward shivered inside her breastbone. Until she arrived, the room was dormant. It quickly filled with the ghost of lovers and enemies. No one tells you the weight of baring everyone you love and everyone you hate with you everywhere you go. It […]

  • Back into the fire 🔥

    When I started writing the title for todays blog I thought, what a funny way to think of it, me backing away from something (usually something I’m afraid of) and into the fire. This brings a new meaning to “out of the frying pan and into the fire.” Regardless, I got myself back to writing […]

  • Snow and Lefse.

    I didn’t do a lick of writing today, but that’s okay. We had a relaxing Sunday morning drinking a new chaga tea concoction as we watched the snow blanketing our fields with silence. In the afternoon, one of our daughters and her fiancé came over so we could make lefse together. It was quite a […]

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